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Top patient engagement tips for new DPC practices

By Gabby Marquez

Direct primary care (DPC) providers have an opportunity to engage with patients in a meaningful way and in a way that is often not an option for providers in traditional model practices. ...

March 25th

First steps for starting a new DPC practice

By Gabby Marquez

As with any business, you’ll need to do some research and create a solid plan before launching a direct primary care (DPC) practice. Your patients’ health and well-being and your ...

March 11th

Thinking about starting a concierge practice?

By Gabby Marquez

Alternative models of healthcare delivery, including direct primary care (DPC) and concierge practices, are becoming more popular with independent physicians and their patients. The ability ...

February 25th

Email marketing tips for your DPC practice

By Gabby Marquez

Promoting your direct primary care (DPC) practice to potential patients involves educating them about the DPC model itself as well as convincing them that they should come to you for their ...

February 18th

Building your DPC brand

By Gabby Marquez

Your brand distinguishes you and your direct primary care (DPC) practice from other healthcare providers in your area. Building your DPC brand will help you build your practice, attract new ...

January 21st

Direct primary care and the healthcare system

By Gabby Marquez

Launched in the early 2000s as an alternative healthcare delivery model, direct primary care was the preferred platform for only about 150 practices by 2005. Today, there are more than ...

January 18th